financial adviser

The process of becoming a client and working with me is simple and straightforward. Here are the typical steps, though we can adapt as needed to your circumstances:

1. Call or e-mail me to discuss your situation and my services so we can determine if working together is a good fit. Let me know if you’d also like to set up an initial meeting, at no charge, to get better acquainted and help you decide about working with me.

2. If you decide to proceed, execute the Advisory Agreement contained in the Documents section of this website, and return it to me with your financial materials, using the Client Checklist (also in Documents) as a guide.​

3. Once I receive your materials, I will review them and contact you to set up a convenient time to meet. Evening and weekend appointments are available if that works best for you.​

4. At our first meeting, I will present you with targeted investment/financial planning feedback, recommendations and responses to your questions.​

5. After our initial meeting(s), I am available to assist you as needed with follow up questions and concerns, next steps, and implementation of recommendations.​

​6. Once our initial work is completed, I will send you a reminder about meeting again for an annual review, or on another timetable of your choice. I am always available to meet in the meantime (or be in touch by phone and/or e-mail) to assist with investment and financial matters as they arise.